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El iPad y las revistas

30 marzo, 2010

Monthly magazines face another problem: that of limited shelf life. If you’re selling a regular app, game, or even an iBook or an iTunes album, you will hope to recoup your money over a period of several months or longer. But who’ll pay for last month’s Wired, or January’s Cosmo? All of which suggests that regular publications will have two choices: make specific themed apps designed to have longer shelf lives (as Rodale did on the iPhone, apparently successfully) or opt for template-based solutions that aren’t nearly as glamorous and individually tailored to each feature as most of the pre-rendered videos suggest…

Andrew Losowsky escribe, con escepticismo realista, sobre las verdaderas repercusiones del iPad en la industria de las revistas.

El artículo completo, en su blog Magstastic Blogsplosion, puede leerse aquí: Por qué todo el mundo necesita calmarse >>

¿Qué editor de revistas, grande o pequeño, local o global, conoce la respuesta a las seis preguntas que él plantea, relativas al famoso “modelo de negocio”?:

1. Will subscriptions catch on?
2. The early-adopter advertising numbers are strong for a handful of publications, but will they last?
3. Will advertisers have greater demands, and insist on click-through-related returns rather than simple display rates?
4. Will the economics add up to allow big publishers to offer hugely discounted subscriptions as they do in print?
5. If that isn’t possible, will readers want to pay substantially more for the same content as they can get in print, albeit with some added extras?
6. If you’re offering video, how is that affordable while making sure that it matches the quality of your editorial?

Les aseguro que ninguno que yo conozca (y conozco algunos).